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Posted by tleemay on August 21, 2001 at 11:20:45:

This came from the National Techdiver list; again,
some of you will have interest in what's being
reported. It's nothing really unknown to most out
there. I remember reading stories from the 40's-50's
of visitors and outfitter guides doing similar
things with the bears in Kings Canyon.


Sunday, Aug. 19, 2001 9:30 p.m. EDT

Why the Shark Attacks?

This summer seems to have hit a high mark for shark
attacks, particularly off the east and west coasts
of Florida.

Could it be a sign, like earthquakes and wars, of
the Second Coming?

Perhaps there is a simpler explanation.

This past Saturday, three men surfing off Daytona
Beach were attacked by sharks.

"We saw sharks all morning long," a competition
offical told the AP. "There were bull sharks 7 to 8
feet long and 6-foot blacktips."

The beach was eventually closed, as have been many
Florida beaches during the past several months.

"Central Florida, especially the east coast of
Florida, leads the world every year in shark bites,
and the greater Daytona area is no exception,"
Volusia County Beach Patrol official Joe Wooden

We know that last month two Americans were struck by
sharks while in waters off the Bahamas. One lost his

And, of course, 8-year-old Jessie Arbogast had his
arm severed by a bull shark last month in Pensacola.

For years, we have been told that the movie "Jaws"
was fiction. Sharks, for the most part, fear humans
and have little interest in attacking anyone - so
the thinking went.

What has changed?

One reasonable explanation is the recent activities
of scuba activists, who have not been content to
simply go for a dive and look at the coral.

Now sea adventure firms in Florida and the Caribbean
have been peddling trips for divers to watch shark
feeding frenzies.

The expeditions use large amounts of live bait to
attract large numbers of sharks - for the amusement
of the divers.

Some Floridians believe the feeding trips have
brought sharks closer to shore and closer to humans
- making them lose their natural fear of humans.



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