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Outer Bamnks diving on the Great Escape Southern California Live-Aboard Dive Boat

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Posted by MHK on August 22, 2001 at 16:01:13:

In Reply to: Damn You're Righteous posted by Chris on August 22, 2001 at 15:39:01:

No Chris, I'm just the opposite.. If you really ever want to address the issue I'll be happy to explain it to you in as candid as terms that I can.. However, given your penchant for selective editing I'm sure you'll tear it down...

If you have the guts to leave it up I'll explain it to you as plainly and as clearly as possible...

In all honesty, I have forgotten more about diving then you will EVER know. I've done more extreme and advance diving then you can ever dream of. However, you and your buddy Seahunt, consistently advance illogical theories that you guys do *world class diving* that is *beyond the capacity* of the readers of this BBS.. After I stop laughing at such utter nonsense, I stop and look at the crap that you guys do under the theory that you are bad ass divers... You aren't.. You are idiots, that consciously ignore safer ways to accomplish the same exact thing that you are doing.. There is no more of an idiotic thing that you can do, but recognize that there are safer ways to do something, but make a conscience choice to do it more recklessly.. That is the epitomy of stupidity...

You think that I have achieved, or believe that I have achieved the top of the food chain, except that you, once again, ignore reality... If I thought I was the be end and end all of diving then why would I have agreed to do a 1 year internship to become an instructor??? I could fall asleep at a PADI IDC and be an instructor next weekend, but I chose to take the hard road and continue to learn... JJ, George, Andrew and JW have all forgotten more about diving then I'll ever hope to know and I recognize that there are others out there that are more accomplished, and more advanced in their diving knowledge than I am, and I'm willing to take the time to train under them...

You, on the other hand, are a moron and think that your antiquated ways, your macho ways of recklessly continuing practices that have long sense been abandoned in favor of safety somehow makes you a great diver... I think it makes you an idiot...

I'm sure you'll delete this post, but if you had any balls you'd leave it up and address the realities discussed..

You aren't a smart diver, you're an idiot.. You think diving is all about machoism, we believe otherwise and choose to do diving that you could NEVER EVER imagine and do it in a much safer fashion than you do. That is what smart diving is, what you do is stupid diving...

If you don't delete this post I'm happy to respond..


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