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Posted by Catfish on August 28, 2001 at 11:29:53:

In Reply to: Re: Mr TDI Diver and Marketing CEO posted by TDI Diver on August 28, 2001 at 10:06:03:

You mentioned the quality of a product but how about looking at the performance or rationality of a product. For example: OMS makes manifolds that are dangerous in overhead environments because they don't spin the center section when hit on a ceiling. Their BCD's have been directly attributed to many diver fatalities due to the static tension that their bungies create, yet OMS still insists on wraping their wings with rubber bands. Its also funny to me that any diver would need 100lbs of lift from a BCD to ascend. A little tip-"Balanced configuration" is the key. This is a deadly combination when you overweigth yourself and rely on a 100lb lift BCD. Their lights are unworthy of being submerges unless you want to use them for a wreck hammer due to their incredably heavy weight. Their reels don't stack up that well either, but there are worse ones out there, like the diverite stuff. OMS tanks are painted rather than dip galvanized and once the touch a rock or peice of metel the begin to rust and theres no stopping them. They also do not beleive in using lighter aluminum tanks for stage bottles. And their stage rigging is metel to metel, leaving a diver/or buddy unable to cut their way out of a rig. Come to think of it TDI Diver, the only product I think I would like is their $5.00 z-knife. It works well for survey and line work.

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