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Posted by TDI Diver on August 28, 2001 at 13:58:08:

In Reply to: jj from posted by maddiver on August 28, 2001 at 12:53:22:

Thanks for the info MADDIVER.
Please remember I have never said *JJ* was not a qualified diver.
Infact as I have said I use most of the equipment techniques though I learned them long
before GUE was even thought of.

Again my complaint is with the messenger not the message.
However the message is contaminated by the messenger. My point is that *JJ* is also contaminnated by all
this BS as is his business, Halycon will also be contaminnated by it all if they don't get clear of the BS.
None of this is good for business in anyway.

If *JJ* were a good businssman he would step up and put all this noise to rest, not by going to their level but by pointing
out who is and who is not affilated with GUE and simply and plainly restating the GUE mission without *chest pounding* and finger
pointing. Trust me this method works, I've done it several time in the couple of years. Without this *JJ* is percieved as nothing more
than one of the trash mouths BS throwers and as goes *JJ* so goes GUE, Halycon et al...

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