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Posted by maddiver on August 28, 2001 at 12:53:22:

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President and founder Global Underwater Explorers
CEO Extreme Exposure
Geology degree with intensive graduate level ground water experience
Ten years cave diving and ground water research

Special Interest Experience 1988-present

President Global Underwater Explorers
CEO Extreme Exposure
Cave Explorer Thousands of feet of cave explored
Training Director National Association of Cave Diving
Training Director Woodville Karst Plain Project
Training Director/Training Committee National Speleological Society- Cave Diving Section
Board Advisor International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers
Research Diver University of Florida Geology Department
Research Diver University of Wyoming Geology Department
Project Leader/ Dive Leader Numerous domestic & international research projects
Board Member Florida Speleological Researchers, Inc.
Board Member NACD
Board Member NSS-CDS

Diving Qualifications

Recovery Diver NSS-CDS
Trimix Instructor Trainer GUE, TDI, IANTD
SLAM Instructor YMCA
Rebreather Instructor GUE, IANTD
Repair Technician Most major brands of regulators

Jarrod Jablonski is an avid cave explorer, researcher and instructor teaching and diving predominately in the North Florida area. His diving excursions frequently take him to some of the most remote reaches of the planet to conduct research and exploratory projects. The diving associated with some of the cave expeditions has often resulted in world-record explorations involving long penetrations into flooded subterranean conduits more than 400 feet deep. These excursions have included dives to nearly three miles away from an air source (18,000 feet) at a depth of 300 feet, resulting in several world record accomplishments.

Trained as a geologist, Jarrod has founded Global Underwater Explorers (www.gue.com), an elite diver training agency that is also heavily involved in international research and exploration projects. Composed of educators, explorers and conservationists, this group not only conducts some of the world's most comprehensive diving education but also conducts projects for numerous local, state, federal and international governments. These efforts include expeditions to Turkey and Brazil, artifact recovery in internationally sensitive regions, and a comprehensive research and exploration effort with the with the Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP) into the world's longest cave system.

Jarrod is also the CEO of Extreme Exposure (www.extreme-exposure.com), a dive equipment company specializing in the manufacture and sale of diving equipment. Extreme Exposure is internationally recognized as the premiere organization for the production of "cutting edge" exploratory equipment, building specialized gear for recreational enthusiasts and leading explorers. Much of the equipment, from rebreathers to special lighting used on some of the world's most extreme expeditions was produced in-house by Extreme Exposure and their affiliate Halcyon Manufacturing.

Jarrod is well respected and very active in the dive community and has served as the Training Director for the National Association of Cave Diving (NACD) and on the training committee for the National Speleological Society Cave Diving Section (NSS-CDS), National Association of Cave Diving and the International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers. He has also been a board member of both the NACD and the NSS-CDS. He has trained more than 1,500 divers while maintaining an active role as a cave explorer and researcher collecting thousands of hours in caves around the world.

Diving Experience Summary

Several thousand scuba dives with current experience focusing on long range, deep, exploration activity, culminating in the following:

World's Longest Cave Penetration - 18,000 feet
World's Longest Cave Penetration at Depth - 18,000 feet
Several Thousand dives around the world with hundreds of extreme exposures, utilyzing mixed gases, stage decompression, rebreathers, and underwater propulsion vehicles
3000+ Dives
1000+ Dives utilizing stage decompression techniques
1500+ Dives utilizing specially mixed gases
500+ Dives utilizing Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPV's)
500+ Dives under extreme exposure techniques
100+ Deep, exploration cave dives
200+ Hours of rebreather experience

Copyright 2000 Global Underwater Explorers.
All rights reserved.

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