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Posted by Glenn on August 28, 2001 at 14:14:04:

In Reply to: The easy way.... posted by Eric Frasco on August 28, 2001 at 12:17:54:

"The scallop will try to expel the irritant by opeining up, then clamping down. "

Clamping down is an understatement. Snapping shut would be a better description. I tried this once with marginal success using a stir stick and also trying to blow in. Not realizing just how fast and hard they closed, I wound up with a wonderful blood blister. Not that big of a deal considering how many times I filleted my hands while trying to cut them open, and many times not realizing it till somebody points out that I'm bleeding all over the deck.

"Put the scallops on a bed of ice "

Ya know, I thought about this, but does it have any adverse affects on the meat? Usually I just refrigerate my medalions during the boat ride home, if I don't eat them first. Good eatin' when raw.

Sometimes the shells can make slick little nick-nack holders or ash trays. Wash them good, bake them in the sun, then apply some spray gloss and let dry. Although I do like to leave the shells on the reef nowadays, many times the fish will make a home out of them.

I also agree with keeping only those that are at least the size of the palm of your hand. I used to hope there would be some sort of minimum size established, however, I've happened across a couple that had a rather small diameter, but were super thick. I suppose a minimum size would be difficult to obtain in such cases.

Couple more questions:

I was told that the females have the orange lips and the males have the green lips. Is this true or is it more akin to someone having brown hair vs. blonde hair? The orange ones are super easy to find but I try to balance my catch. I've found the easiest way of spotting them is to slowly swim along the reef and use the peripheral vision to locate the motion of them closing up when you get close to them.

Also, anybody know what that clear tube like thing is that is in the scallop?

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