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Posted by Eric Frasco on August 28, 2001 at 12:17:54:

In Reply to: Careful with taking (filetting?) of Scallops... posted by Jason 22 on August 27, 2001 at 14:13:55:

Getting the scallops on the bottom while they are still open is the best way, as other posts stated. All the stuff on the outside of the shell gets to stay underwater and live.

But if the scallop closes up and you pry it off the rock, shell and all, there are two easy ways to get the scallop open:

1) tickle method - using a single strand from a broom, or a small plastic cable tie (or similar thin flexible substitute), locate the tiny slit at the back of the scallop by the hinge. Insert and tickle. The scallop will try to expel the irritant by opeining up, then clamping down. This gives you a short opportunity to get the fillet knife in and start cutting out the meat.

2) Put 'em to sleep method: Put the scallops on a bed of ice (that's ICE, not ICE WATER). After a while they "go to sleep", relax and open up. Makes it real easy to get at the meat (and no pinched fingers!).

By the way, if the shell still has other things living on it, you should make every effort to return the shell to the water in a timely manner so you are not guilty of "incidental kill."


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