Careful with taking (filetting?) of Scallops...

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Posted by Jason 22 on August 27, 2001 at 14:13:55:

Saw the post below regarding methods for taking scallops (the oil rig thread). It is very important to note the DFG regulations regarding what might end up being considered an 'over the limit' scenario.

It was suggested that it might be lighter/easier to carry the scallops taken, if it's openned, and only the 'white meat' taken instead of hauling the heavy scallops around, with the shell and all). While this is true, it is also risky....

Last I checked, there was no size limit, BUT, a max limit of 10 scallops per day. When I clean my scallops, I end up with TWO round pieces of meat PER EACH scallop (pry it open, cut the muscle, clean out/scrape the shell on both ends for 2 pieces). Cleaning a limit of scallops for me, yields 20 pcs. of white scallop meat. Unless you can POSITIVELY proof that ALL pcs. came from 10 or less scallops (GOOD LUCK!), then EACH PIECE COUNTS AS A WHOLE SCALLOP, ie if I were to 'clean' a legal limit of 10 scallops, I would end up with a DOUBLE LIMIT of them (by 10 !). According to the California Code of Regulations, Title 14, sec 1.17, you will pay a base fine of $270, plus $54 for EACH over limit one (including penaly assesments), for a grand total of $810, for doing NOTHING MORE than cleaning your legal limit of scallops before getting home.

This is NOT meant to scare anyone, but it is an innocent mistake waiting to happen (given an uptight DFG warden having a bad day) to an otherwise well meaning, law abiding scallop hunter.

Good diving,


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