Who really is the editor?

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Posted by ptf on August 29, 2001 at 09:09:18:

In Reply to: What makes good editing? posted by Chris on August 28, 2001 at 20:46:23:


I am the specter of William Randolph Hearst, you may know me by my grand-daughters exploits
as an SLA member. I am known for other things such as my megalo-manicial hold of various
newspapers throughout the United States. A few of my newspapers were held in the great
state of California. Coming from beyond I have decided the infuse myself in the electronic

You can see me in a little known site called diver.net. It is mainly a linked site but oh
what a site. I have included just about every little bit of linkable information related to
scuba. Looking for a boat then check out my California Dive Boats page where I have managed
to list just about every commercial dive boat available on the California Coast. If you
don't find yourself there and you are Coast Guard licensed maybe I will add you too. Ask
About the Weather - I have links for you! Looking for that off brand equipment from who
knows where I have the links for you from A to Zed. What I have to offer you is too numerous
so just browse around.

Now there is this little page within a page where you can espouse to your hearts content
called the BBS. Now you may remember me in my corporal days when I heavily weighted my
editors to publish only those articles/stories towards my political slant. Heck I was
instrumental for many politicians being elected and was even more instrumental in the demise
of many political hopefuls. In my day, my word ruled, I controlled with an iron fist what
was published what was censored, I could financially ruin you if I wanted to. Well being
just a specter I don't have that pull on this new medium of the BBS but I will do my best to
keep things pointed towards my slant. Free press - poppycock! There are just a few rules
for posting a note on this page, no profanity, use your real email address when posting
(otherwise I might, not always, remove your note from the list), and of course since you are
playing in my sand box here are a few 'unwritten' rules you may need to know:

1. I will pull your privileges to post at any time I want to.
2. If I don't agree with your post I will remove your post
3. If I feel that you have been writing on a subject too long or too often, see # 1 & 2
4. If you unknowingly bash my latest cause, see # 1 & 2, you should know better
5. If you say you don't like me today, see # 1 & 2
6. This is not a free speech site, see # 1 & 2
7. If you attack someone I don't like I may or may not use # 1 & 2
8. I am arbitrary and capricious

WRH II (I'm a specter you know)

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