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Posted by Glenn on August 29, 2001 at 16:24:29:

In Reply to: What to look for in inflatable posted by JRM on August 29, 2001 at 14:15:53:

For the motor go over it like you would any other motor.
Look at the prop and see if it has been beat up or that it is the correct size prop for that motor.
Pull the plugs out and look for any problem indicators such as oil fouling, past due for replacement (this would indicate poor maintenance), glazing, etc.
If the plugs are brand new, consider the owner as trying to hide something. After giving it a healthy test run, check the plugs.
Check over the wires, are they old and needing replacement?
Pull a coolant hose from the water pump and look for corrosion
Check the exhaust manifold for cracks or leaks from the flange.
If it is a 4 stroke check the oil. Any cloudyness indicates water contamination from a possibly bad head gasket or having been submerged. If the oil is fresh from a change, inspect it after a healthy test drive as you would the plugs.

Do a compression test! This can tell you quickly the condition of the motor. All cylinders should be in the same range. Check the manufacturer for acceptable range. Compression test kits are pretty cheap and easy to use. It's just a gauge that plugs in to where the spark plug would go. Simply remove the the plugs, disconnect the coil, plug in the compression testor and crank the motor.

Check the coil for any cracks or oil seepage, this will indicate the end of the life of the coil.
Wiggle/jiggle/fondle igntion wires while running and pay attention for any effect on engine.
Check the carb for any corrosion or nastyness.
Have a simple wrench set handy to check for loose bolts.
Check for good charging and battery strength/newness.


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