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Posted by MHK on August 30, 2001 at 09:18:41:

In Reply to: Free Speech/limits posted by Ken Kurtis on August 30, 2001 at 00:09:33:


You suggestions will fail for a number of reasons namely:

1) Limiting posters to 5 posts a day makes ABSOLUTELY no sense whatsoever. I'm involved in many threads and I get asked question more often then you, for example. How would you propose that I respond??? Sorry I already answered 5 questions today so I'll have to get back to you tomorrow....

2) You wrote the following:

3. No tolerance for even the slightest hint of a personal attack

The BIGGEST problem that we face on this list is the subjective and self-serving nature of the editors so who will be the ultimate arbitor of what constitutes an attack??? For example Chris calls me a cultist, zealot and BS artist all the time. According to his own explanation yesterday my writings are equivalent to some cult and he therefore justifies the attack..

How in the world will anyone recognize what is and what isn't an attack when you have the editors using such ridiculously loose and self-serving standards???

Furthermore, if the editors are able to take my private e-mails, containing profanity, and then post those e-mails to this list to suit their own self-serving needs, how can they be trusted????

Chris has failed to explain or apologize for taking our private e-mails and posting them publicly, irrespective of the fact that they contained profanity and would never ever under other circumstances been allowed to get posted. However, it fit his agenda and as such he posted it.. When Terry properly corrected him how did Chris respond??? He deleted Terry's posts...

If you let the market place work all the nonsense will eventually fade away and people will judge for themselves..


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