good, then you meet my personal criterion of a freediver first

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Posted by Karl S. on September 05, 2001 at 05:31:18:

In Reply to: reeeehhheeeehhheeeeaaaaalllyyy posted by JRM on September 04, 2001 at 21:59:32:

MikeKane is always harping on facemask ripping procedures for training divers.

At times like now, when we are all stunned by the pallor of another tourist dying in our own coastal waters on scuba, I turn to freediving skills as the ultimate reassurance. [Seem like the last tourist who died here on scuba was just a few months ago, that German lady diver.]

It looks to me like you yourself have freediving skills down pretty good. I would think that is the ideal first step for teaching scuba. Not that freediving is going to help anybody at 120 fsw and OOA there. But it could help at 35 fsw or less.

I was not exaggerating. One year. Unless the person was really good, already, at freediving.

Previous posts about pony tailed Sally Resort Divers. Oh well, sorry about that. Please remember, I am tainted by my background, as are we all.

In the Navy, God Bless It, women just do not dive on scuba. The CNO feels that this mission is still too dangerous and we still need a few more generations of young promising women challenging themselves athletically and in team sports before that changes. The CNO is even older and more jaded that I am, for sure. Sorry about my jaded past.

Between mountain & rock climbing and scuba diving, you and your wife seem like a pair of well matched thrill seekers. Well matched is the most important part.

I myself would never climb a rock or a mountain when a perfectly good road or trail will get you to the top otherwise. Rock climbing ... too dangerous for me. Once you climb up, how are you going to get the treasure chest back down then?

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