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Posted by JohnB on September 13, 2001 at 19:02:10:

In Reply to: Re: No offense taken posted by Kendall Raine on September 13, 2001 at 16:27:32:

My wife no longer asks...she knows.
Yes in fact in an overall view, there were high odds of failure from the start! I know that, but I, for the most part do not feel it's in my jurisdiction do the enforcer thing at the beach. Myself I WAY prefer buddy dives for many reasons beyond safety although I am guilty of hundreds of solo dives a hundred or so miles from civilization. I should be dead but...(Love my redundant source) I am still sculling.
I see the context you refer to and have NO intent of arguing that, simply put, you are right.
I was (as you could tell) not in the ideal DIR situation. Nevermind the fact that we violated a few safety protocalls!
My lesson there was that I, as a diver need to be more prepared to discuss specifics of the immediate dive with my buddies and perhaps with the support crew too (i.e. boat personell)and in this discussion have some sort of prepared list EVEN for a small beach dive! Other words, "Don't be SHY!"
My pony bottle questions ARE answered, and I understand that if you jump out of the plane without a chute it does not matter if you forgot your altimiter. There were factors in the scenario that negated the lesser factors. Honestly I'll admit I am not THE consumate DIR diver. Nothing against DIR at all, I adopt whatever I can learn but money seems to be a factor even with DIR so some of us less wealthy individuals have to make do with "public ed.". That means I may someday again go solo off some deserted baja beach, I may sometime choose to be rigged with a less than ideal Pony bottle etc. BUT I do want to come back!! So I am looking for the safest way to enjoy a common dive situation from solo to cattle call, in the safest possible manner short of staying dry.
Again I feel buddies and preparation ARE the best safety gear and style!
I CAN tell you that when faced with a deep or OE dive this all changes for me and I stick to the letter because not only my safety is in the balance. I have stayed up in the jungle with the skeeters for a few hours at times either due to my buddy not being able to go or by some "gear or ear" failure of my own.
P.S. it is very uncomfotable in the suit but since we wear no oils in the cave, keep your suit on while waiting!! Darn bugs.

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