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Posted by JRM on September 18, 2001 at 10:18:39:

In Reply to: DFG knocked on my hotel door and searched my car!!! posted by BayAreaAbdiver on September 18, 2001 at 01:37:50:

I think I just look guilty. I have this secret theory that the folks at the gate to Refugio call in when they see me coming. Of course, it may just be that they know I'm wearing tinfoil under my hood to defeat their highly trained psychics.

One time at Refugio (of course) I had the guy go through my game bag, pull everything out and inspect each individually. Of course, he walked up and started going through the kayak dry-bags even before talking to me, identifying himself, or asking permission. Then he went through all the ice-chests, all my inlaws kayaking gear (next to mine), and for good measure went through the entire SUV (my father-in-law insists its a van, but it's an SUV).

I once got checked for a fishing license and limits while fly fishing 5 miles from the nearest established trail way up in the Sierran high country.

I think the government has put a tracking device at the base of my skull to follow me around. I think I've even run into the "plainclothes" ab guys once or twice, as I recall someone meeting me as I egressed, and paying very close attention to what came out of the float, who didn't leave until just after I had punched.

Anyway, they have a job to do. And just like any organization, they have some folks who are a bit more "enthusiastic" than others. My general rule is "never mouth off to anyone with a gun" (derived from a few learning experiences while younger). Besides, I'd rather them inconvenience me if it makes it more difficult to break the rules.

It's easy to avoid problems with them... Just obey the rules. When in doubt, don't pull the trigger. When the time comes that I'm more concerned with the having than with the getting, it'll be time to hang up the cannon.


-- I'll probably add one more instance soon, since I'm officially throwing my hat in to the "Kevin's Opening Night Derby." Hopefully I'll get at least one!

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