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Posted by TDI Diver on October 10, 2001 at 14:43:37:

In Reply to: Re: Answers to MHK's informal poll...... posted by MHK on October 10, 2001 at 13:37:31:

TDI still suggests 80% for Deco. I go over this in my Deco class.

But I teach and use 100% for the most part. TDI's reasoning is that there is not a lot of difference in time at the 20 ft stop between 100 and 80 %

My reasoning is this may be true but the physiology difference is still there I beleive that there is a benifit to using 100% and I teach this. Though I do under the quise of "exceding standards".

I believe there are good and bad points to all agency's standards and procedures, I alos agree that there are some agency's that need to rethink there entire techrec program's.

My methoos for better or worse is rely on my training and expereince as both a diver and instructor and stay within standards while exceeding them where applicabel. I hope you can make some sense fo this statement if not I'll try and clear it up.

As for Brett I also disagree with a lot of his statements and actions. I don't rely on his reputation or disreputation (if that's a word) to teach the TDI program, infact I don't even bring hime up. My feeling is that my students are relying on my ability and experience not what he has done or said.

Are his escapades good for the industry, no but niether is the dialog regarding GUE, DIR etc..

IMHO of course.

Take care;

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