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Posted by tleemay on October 20, 2001 at 13:05:45:

Went bug diving last night at a secret spot in Vetnura County. Did
alright on the two dives walking away with 5 better than legals. This
isn't really the point of this recount.

After we geared up and started walking down to the water from the
highway, I noticed there was a Honda NightHawk 750 parked just ahead of us, and a Toyota pick-up just ahead of it. These three conveyances
were the only ones on this streatch of road.

We reached the water with a light and wide surf and saw no one else
diving, but did notice one couple on the sand enjoying the evening.
We hit the water for dive 1 at 9:40 pm. 45 minutes later we were out
and walking up to the Explorer to sit and change tanks. Upon reaching
the Explorer, I heard the starting of a motorcycle engine, and the
throttling up of a rice burner with heavy choke applied through an
exhaust header. It was the NightHawk and is rider leaving the area. It
pulled up about 50 ft from where it was parked and made a u-turn. As
it slowly passed us, I had to look twice to believe what I was seeing.

The helmeted rider was wearing a black Body Glove wetsuit and booties
with a bright orange BC... with the tank and regs still attatched.
Picture if you will a diver ready to jump in without a hood, gloves,
mask or fins on. Strapped across the handlebars was a medium sized
gear bag chocked full of something, probably the balance of his gear,
inc. weights and whatever bugs he grabbed.

So the question is, which one of you clowns was this? More importantly, how did you do?

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