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Posted by Nitrox36 on October 23, 2001 at 12:19:44:

In Reply to: Re: Video u/w filter for Socal? posted by TDI Diver on October 23, 2001 at 08:12:30:

Thanks for the ”first hand” filter info, just what I needed.

I’d like to “pick you brain” further about your video setup. I'm looking into going digital and have been looking at a PC110. I was looking at the PC110 because of weight and size. If it was an ideal world and check-in luggage was no limit, I'd really like to go with a 3CCD camera, like the Sony TRV-900. Which has great features like the ability to white balance. I'd like any of your thoughts and opinions since you're using a 3CCD camera vs. a 1 CCD camera. I've read about the debate on 1 chip vs. 3 chip. I’d like your opinion on the PC110 too?

The second concern is the cost of the L&M housings. Looking at them they have all of the features I want, but the price +LCD,+lights … yikes!!! Is there any other housing that you’d recommend on a limited budget? I was looking at Ocean Images, which has a cost-effective housing (about $1100) with limited electronic controls. (E.g. It can’t take the PC110 in and out of auto focus.) The housing is built to allow the camera LCD screen to be used, which saves cost. It has a 0.6X wide-angle port, which I hear has respectable quality.

I like electronic controls, which my current housing has. I’ve played with an Ocean House PC110 housing at ABSea that has mechanical controls. I didn’t like how the mechanical controls worked, the zoom was way too touchy, and the auto focus switching was not reliable. (To the plus side the housing comes standard with a fantastic wide-angle port, 110 degrees. and is around $1600)

I also could do an in between option since my current housing is the old yellow Sony housing, which I got used for a steal. It holds my Sony TRV-70 Hi-8 and has a LCD viewer. I believe the housing could probably hold a TRV-900, but it only would provide Power/Standby, Start/Stop, and Zoom controls. But that way I could get the camera now and then save my pennies to get the L&M housing later. What do you think?

FYI - I have a NLE digital editing system (Canopus DVStorm) which a side from the image quality is the reasons I want to go to a digital camera. It makes capturing the video so much easier.

Thanks for your time and thoughts.

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