Stepping into it.

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Posted by Wayne on October 29, 2001 at 17:25:09:

In Reply to: Re: No .. but you are forgiven posted by MHK on October 29, 2001 at 16:42:47:

Well I am really stepping into it, but what the heck.

You said:
"Why don't you finally explain to the entire list why your way of diving is safer and more efficient then the DIR way of diving???"

We all know that Chris has not said these things are "true" of his style of diving. So your egging him on in this way is unreasonable and unproductive. Better to just say something like "I don't like what you do" since this is an actual dialog.

At some point we all have to determine an acceptable risk. You are willing to dive places that I would never go because I will not accept the risk (Andrea Doria, for example). But I am perfectly willing to dive alone. It is a question of selecting which risks we are comfortable taking.

A while back I served on an Air Force Tiger Team where our leader used to threaten to tatoo us all with the words: BETTER IS THE ENEMY OF GOOD ENOUGH. Some of us feel this way. There comes a time when we think it is good enough and we go forward with it. As we decide "it" needs improving we do so, but we live with things as they are unless we perceive a problem. Diving style fits this. If you are hunting bugs, the setup, planning, gear configuration, dive plan, etc are different than if we are taking pictures or penetrating a wreck. Its just the way things are.

Chris' diving style seems to work for him as yours seems to work for you. Mine seems to work for me. The problem that keeps you two at each other is a near total lack of common reference point. I suspect that neither of you will understand each other in a way that you both agree is unbiased.

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