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Posted by MHk on October 29, 2001 at 17:48:02:

In Reply to: Stepping into it. posted by Wayne on October 29, 2001 at 17:25:09:


I feel as though you distorted the facts.. I never said that Chris said his way was safer and more efficient, what I'm trying to accomplish is that Chris steadfastly criticizes DIR and does so relentlessly so rather then engage in a back and forth, yet again, I just simply put all the BS aside and said that Chris has no experience with DIR, he has taken no formal training and that if he was going to continue his attacks of DIR, absent the requisite understanding of the system, then perhaps he should explain what it is he has to offer, why we should listen to him, and what makes what he does safer and more efficient.. If he can't do that then perhaps he should discontinue his uneducated, ad hominem anti-DIR crusade..

Frankly, at this point, if you guys don't want to hear what Chris has to offer then I have to question your objectivity.. Wayne, you constantly suggest that I tone this or that down, you constantly suggest that I should be better then so and so, but as the webmaster I believe that Chris has some responsibility to put up or shut up.. Irrespective of his selective editing, at some point if he is going to attack day in and day out then I believe that he should propose an alternative rather then just being a naysayer with NOTHING of value to offer as an alternative...

It's one thing to be anti-something, but at some point you have to be pro-something..


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