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Posted by George Austin on October 31, 2001 at 07:40:31:

In Reply to: More on Over-Filling Tanks posted by Ken Kurtis on October 31, 2001 at 01:01:39:

Hard to believe there was a debate about this in the first place. Only in todays society would you find someone who would demand that Tim risk his business so they could get a couple more pennys worth of air to breathe on their scuba diving trip. Here's what I thought was funny..You had these "DIR guys telling every one that all of a sudden safety does'nt matter and the law doesn't apply to them. OSHA and the welfare of Tims crew are not an issue because "BY God, I want more air!!!" All the while they don't have the basic understanding of Newton's second law of thermodynamics to appreciate the ridiculous argument that their making. One guy even said that the difference between 2400psi and 3000psi "is a lot" Yeah brainiac, it sure is if the cylinder that has 2400psi is 80 cf and the cylinder that has 3000 psi is 90 cf. These are the guys that are running around this list pretending to be "instructors" I aait the next installment of "thats not whatIsaid, sockpuppet"
George Austin
NAUI #37355

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