Re: Why force people to re-learn?

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Posted by Karl S. on November 01, 2001 at 11:11:34:

In Reply to: Why force people to re-learn? posted by Maddiver on November 01, 2001 at 09:44:42:

When would novice divers be ready to learn DIR or GUE methodologies? Good point.

The DIR & GUE camps feel that their methodologies would be good from the start. That is wishful thinking. Its called Market Share. They dont have it yet. If ever. Time will only tell. If there is suddenly a mad rush to run out and convert to Halcyon gear and GUE certifications, and they grab 75% of the market share, then I will stand corrected. In the meantime, dont hold your breath.

So given that they dont have it yet, and any other assumption is a pipe dream, and the question becomes: when would an ordinary recreational diver be ready for that kind of training? In my opinion:

1. When they decide they want to dive into caves and wrecks. In this case, I would say 100 recent dives, basic Rescue, basic Night Diving, basic Navigation, basic Dry Suit Diving, at a minimum are all prerequisites.

2. After they have been diving for awhile with rented gear and have certified and are ready to decide on buying their own standard gear, AND they have an inclination towards caves and wrecks. That brings up the issue of what to buy, whether B/C or backpack, whether backplate or not, whether Halcyon or other brands.

3. If it is lonely for them diving with the vast majority of other divers, and they want to get adopted by a DIR or GUE group that insists on uniformity of gear configuration, or if all their friends suddenly decide to do this, and they dont want to be left out in the cold.

It really depends on (A) who they are diving with, (B) why they are diving, (C) what their aspirations are.

Thanks for the loaded question, MadD. Hope that has unloaded it for you, and answered it too.

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