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Posted by Kevin on November 06, 2001 at 16:59:23:

Special wishes to Marta for a full and complete recovery from all of us !

Every person I have ever spoken to that got bent ( other than on technical dives ) has told me that they were either very cold, or very excited. Being cold, and being excited causes the body to shunt blood away from the extremities and towards the vital organs, its a ancient survival instinct.

Just imagine five or eight minutes into a deep dive, you are loaded with nitrogen, and as you start to get cold, your body reduces the circulation to the extremities. This causes your extremities to off-gas at a much slower rate than computers or tables expect.

I often tell students that being cold is bad. It not only deminished the enjoyment we have when we dive, but it also diminishes the saftey.

I'm so very very glad it all turned out allright. Cudos to Marta for starting an excellent discussion, but next time lets make it a theoretical intellectual exersize. She is one of the sanest and well-balanced people on this board, myself included .....

... of course !


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