At what point deep stop was not perfomed correctly?

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Posted by Maciek on November 07, 2001 at 20:34:44:

In Reply to: SLANG, I do appreciate your feedback and I mostly agree with you posted by Karl S. on November 07, 2001 at 17:23:24:

Read the story. She had deco obligation at 124, she did a deep stop on her way back. Deco obligation was gone. Explain, how eaxctly that stop was improperly done? Why her comp cleared? It was Suunto. Remember? Same best brand you use and brag about. It gives you credits for deep stops. You know that of course?

Or maybe you just have no clue what you are talking about? Eh? Possible?

You know, it's really fine with me, if you DCS yourself. I don't really care. But if you choose to pollute here with those confabulated, dangerous and ego stroking stories, I'm gonna tell you what I think about you.

You wanna know what's illogical and dangerous in your posts?

1. BPs are dangerous because you can't ditch them, you should be able to ditch all the weigth to ascend in emergency.
You of course know, that DIR requires you to have some weigth ditchable. You don't know that? Really? My. How that might have happened? Maybe because you never dove a BP? Maybe because you never had one on? Maybe because you never, ever seen a setup and comprehend it enough to understand it? Maybe because you didn't even bother to go to any of abundant DIR web sites to read about the setup? Maybe because it's easier for you to come up with some illogical confabulations, and present them as facts? That's soo nice to put it into SuperKarl story, isn't it?
Do you realize that by advising to ditch all weight in emergency you actually advise how to easier get AGE? Do you know, that in OOA emergency ditching even 2 pounds will make you positive if you were neutral? Allowing for controlled ascent to the surface?

2. Deeps stops on air are doing no good.
Read DAN Alert Diver. March 2001 issue. Guess what. DAN did a research on that. Research is when you don't spew some story about Navy and chicks, but rather measure things and draw conclusions based on that.
Do you realize, that by advising that deep stops are not beneficial you actually advise how to easier get DCS?

3. Lift bag should be attached to an object, filled and shot to the surface on it's own, divers aside.
Go back to PADI "Adventures in Diving" book, page 196, you Dive Master you. Get a clue.

4. Burst disks should be tightened before every dive. Typical one. You have no clue, you saw someone changing disk, you confabulate something completely illogical just to post some crap and stroke your ego a couple of times how big and bad DM, TDI 4 dives tech diver you are.

That's just last two weeks. Want me to dig archives?

Face it Karl. You are a sad mitomaniac. You can't live a week without advertising yourself around. You can't live a week without giving bad advise about diving. That makes you dangerous mitomaniac. Do everyone a favor and go back to BA tech board. There at least you can't hurt anyone, because they know better. Ever wondered why noone wants to dive with you? Ever considered if no clue macho factor is at fault?

Or, even better, finish that tech class and go deco diving. And follow your own advice. That will give you all the attention you badly need. For short time you gonna be a star.

Now that I dumped that flood of nastines I feel better and I'm fine if our moderators choose to remove my post.


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