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Posted by tleemay on November 11, 2001 at 10:04:50:

In Reply to: Dang, what were ya doing up there? [nt] posted by Bob3 on November 10, 2001 at 09:09:21:

A lot of things actually.

Visiting U WIS Communications, a customer of mine.
Visiting some relatives scattered all over the
Northwoods from NW WIS to MSP/SP. Visiting Chicago
last Sunday and watching that incredible game at
Soldier Field. Pulling a 100' dock and three boats
from a lake before the ice shows up. Finding
delayed connections from LAX to MSP/SP and CVG, STL, CHI.

Oh yeah, diving the Malaga off Duluth in fresh water and 100'+ vis... temp 39*. Also did dives in
Rice Lake WS for two outboard motor recovery
assists in less than 10' of vis. Saw some monsterous pike and muskie that I thought were
just oak tree linbs until I disturbed them.

Had excellent BBQ at Famous Daves in Hayword, WS
and enjoyed my current favorite beer...
Leiniekulgel Honey Weiss. Can't wait for a Dave's
to open up in Las Vegas. I wish I can get Leinie's
out here on the coast.

Took pictures of a 8 point buck chasing a doe
across a lake in Hayword (it's rutting season
there). Helped a relative build his deer stand
in the families 7 sections of WS woods and lay our deer corn and acorns. Brought home 6 lbs of fresh
family grown cranberries, 6 cuts of venison
backstrap loin, 12000 bonus FF miles due to the airline's screw-up... and a nasty head cold which
I am almost over.

The neat thing is, my gear came out of the water
already rinsed off and ready to dry for the trip
back. I also found out that bbq'd bug goes
exceptionally well with bbq'd venison (I took back
14 tails for a family treat). If you ever want
to make friends, even with those relatives you
are not particularly fond of, give them a spiny
lobster tail for dinner.

Well, you asked.

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