My answer to you all.

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Posted by seahunt on November 14, 2001 at 15:09:01:

In Reply to: Oh come on........ posted by Chrism on November 14, 2001 at 13:50:42:

>You've called eachother names as well. So why aren't you banned?
See, there's the problem. I don't think you know what has
really gone on. You cannot show one place where I have
called MHK a name except for calling him a liar which I
well documented (what, 4 months ago) and when I called him a
'Maroon' about 8 months ago... and which I apologised
for. How many times in the past week has my name and Chris'
shown up in MHK's posts.
GLinSD does not attack MHK by name (a personal attack)
he attacks DIR, GUE and Halycon. MHK just takes it as
a personal attack. While he hasn't done it recently, he
just used to love attacking PADI. What is the difference
between attacking DIR and PADI.
I have never deleted a post by MHK. I have removed many
by GLinSD.
Did you know any of this?
Do you know anything about the kind of letters MHK has
sent Chris and I?
I think Chris' responses to MHK have been poorly timed,
but that is what the victim does. They react.
No, I don't think Chris should respond to MHK and no, I
don't think it should say 'Free and Open', but you
answer me one question. How long should Chris tolerate
the un-provoked harassment he (and I) have received from
Or show where a post where GLinSD attacked MHK by name and
the post remained.
Or tell me when I have picked on MHK. I can show you a
lot of cases in the past weeks when he has attacked me
dishonestly and with no provocation.
This board had gotten a reputation for nastyness long before
GLinSD came along. Who caused that?
I challenge you to answer at least ONE of those questions.
That goes for MHK as well. If you can't answer, you aren't
aware of what the problem is.

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