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Posted by Ken Kurtis on November 14, 2001 at 17:15:27:

(I'm taking the liberty of starting this as a new thread because I felt it was getting too far down the page and I'd like to be clearly on the record here.)
As a frequent target of Michael's anger, misstatements, misrepresetnations, red herrings, and slander, I'm probably the last person you'd expect to defend him.

But quite simply Chris, this is wrong.

You're either going to have free speech or you're not. Sadly, you've chosen the "not" route (though I do appreciate your admission that you're as much at fault as he is).

The interesting thing (IMHO, based on private comments I've gotten from posters to this forum) is that I don't think most people pay much attention to Michael's rants. They appreciate it when he calms down and provides some objective view or just basic facts and info, but when he goes off on a tear, they tune him out. (And I think the same applies for some of your more childish/taunting posts as well. You both do yoursevles a disservice.)

The bottom line is that I think people on the BBS are smart enough to know the difference between the BS and the facts. And maybe what your action says is that I have more confidence in their ability to sort it all out than you do.

And best/worst of all (depending on your point of view), is that you've now made a martyr out of him (at least in his own mind and probably some other as well) which will only lend more credence to the "correctness" of his views.

And, since there's been a strong you're-either-with-me-or-against-me bunker mentality that's (sadly) devloped on this board over the last year or so, it will probably also force people to "choose" sides and some will stop posting, thus making the exhcnage of ideas and divergent viewpoints less invigorating. (See Marta's "I'm Bent" thread as a good example of what this BBS can be.)

Sad day all around.

Ken Kurtis
NAUI Instr. #5936
Co-owner, Reef Seekers Dive Co.
Beverly Hills, Ca.

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