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Posted by Brad on November 27, 2001 at 17:20:37:

In Reply to: Re: SBI as a reserve posted by seahunt on November 27, 2001 at 12:36:04:

I think anyone would be hard pressed to come up with a 'sustainable harvest strategy' that actually worked. When it comes to the life in the sea, exploitation is the name of the game! I have seen too much to beleive any different. I don't even like the term 'harvest' it is a misnomer. Farmers plant their crops, then they harvest what they have planted. Fishermen only extract... I admit that i am down on all forms of extraction, but it is not as though i am an armchair observer. I have sportfished in these waters steady since 84' (always stepping lightly) and i have seen exactly what has been happening. Last year i spent 47 nights alone on the water and swam on every surrounding day (5 on the Cortes, 9 at Nic, 31 at Clemente) Every resident species in the entire bight are depressed and doing the same thing isn't making it any better!!!!! There is no magic current, no magic el nino, no magic is going to restore OUR waters, except---laying off the fish---period! Reserves are the closest thing to magic we have!

Earlier this year i gave away all of my fishing equipment. I have seen the total objectification of life in the sea for too long, i'm fed up with it! I only take pictures now and my time on the water has never been more enjoyable.

There needs to be a series of well placed reserves at every island and all along the coast. Between the reserves fishing should be allowed to continue, but with a whole new set of regulations. The reserves will have the effect of enhancing the value of the life in our waters. Too many people take it for granted! That must end, and now is the time. I fail to understand the sense of entitlement that fishermen and hunters have when it comes to EVERY SQUARE INCH of the coast. (no offense intended)

I spent 4 nights at nic last month and saw some beautiful things, i should have writted a report. Thanks for the suggestion, next time i will.

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