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Posted by ScubaBob on January 02, 2002 at 17:08:49:

In Reply to: ScubaBob - questions about Dolphin video posted by Nitrox36 on January 02, 2002 at 10:03:25:

Thanks for the compliments.

The music is Adiemus by Enya (actually the band may be called Adiemus too, but it's basically Enya.

Yeah, I have the gates baja housing, for the PC100. It's nearly the same as the the new 110 housing, except now Mr. Gates is trimming off a portion of the bottom of the housing, wih makes it slightly negative (was slightly positive) and now lacks the battery operated leak sensor (which, if you ever hear, probably will be too late.) The housing only lets you use the LCD,which is fine with me. There's another Baja housing that is much more slim, where you only use the viewfinder, but I prefer the LCD.

Regarding the cropping: This video actually contains video from my PC100, and from anoter MiniDV camera from some guy who works at Anthony's Key Resort. I bought his fottage off him for $30 and included it with mine. His footage is the obstruction in the corner. I think he had a TRV700 or 900 or something. I'm the one in the shots holding the Gates housing with blond (which looks pretty much white in the video.) My camera actually has better color in the video, which I think is partially due to the filters used.

I definately like the L&M Mako housing. I was looking at it as an alternative to the gates and other pc100 housings. I think the price finally got me. A buddy of mine (Evan Sherman - works for Liburdi's in Irvine) has one for his 110 and he really likes it. I have not used his housing, but I know he likes the controls. The zoom is touchy at first on the Gates, but I don't even notice that anymore. Every time I hand it to someone else though, it's warp speed time! I'm sure Evan would be happy to answer any of your questions about the Mako. I know the resale them there, but I'm not sure how good of deal they can get you.

Regarding the TRV. I'm sure a 3CCD camera would have a great picture, but, and maybe it's just me, but with digital it's hard to tell the difference. Maybe a VX2000 though! I saw some video at Gates one time from a 3 CCD in crystal clear PNG waters, and it was awesome. Regarding the use above water - the PC100 does make it a bit harder to control the shake factor, with it's size and weight. On the other hand, it's extremely compact (maybe not at much as the PC5, but still quite small).

Also, I think they have, or are coming out with soon, a PC120. I saw one in Australia in November. They upped the still camera to 1.5 megapixel (which is a total joke because I'm sure they could find a way to integrate a 2 or 3 megapixel.) Don't know if Gates has plans for a housing or not..

Hope this helps, feel free to post more or e-mail me at VideoScuba (or oc_bob) @

well, gotta get to editing my Coral Sea Video!!!

Happy New Year all!

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