Re: "... also don't want the Nanny 'bots to ding..." Huh?

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Posted by seahunt on April 24, 2002 at 10:12:16:

In Reply to: Re: "... also don't want the Nanny 'bots to ding..." Huh? posted by AADIVER on April 24, 2002 at 08:17:58:

It's good to hear that Roy is doing better. You say it was
just a hit from normal dive practices at the time! Amazing.
No wonder it torqued him. ... Makes me nervous.
I'm also glad you weren't too annoyed.
Nanny bots... There are a lot of different kinds of interent
filtering software out there. They record different catagories
of what is objectionable and most of them share parts of their
databases. A lot of entries in their databases get there from
above board porno sites that declare themselves mostly to head
off legal regulation of their sites, but also because kids
aren't profitable customers. The majority of entries in
their databases of restricted sites though, come from
examination of content. If there are pornographic pictures,
it is the business of the Cyber Nanny Software companies to
track the site and list (ding) it in their software's database.
While it takes a visual to check if a picture is pornographic,
it is easier to electronically survey a website for profanity.
This can be automatically done by a Nanny Bot and they can
really do a word search on a site. If they find profanity,
in their definition, then the website goes in the database
as a site to be blocked by the Cyber Nanny software. The
same thing can actually happen if a site links to a site that
is marked as objectionable. Eddy over at DiverLink has had
trouble with this because he links to the Naked Diving
I hope that there is no mis-understanding about this. I really
don't think that Chris or I am going to be very hurt if we read
a bad word, even if it's about us. But you know how much work
I've put into my website, let alone how much work Chris has put
into Basically, I don't want to find out that it is
filtered out by Cyber Nannys. I think that and Chris has chosen
that, this site is to be accessable to children, so it cannot have
profanity on it. Sure, the BBS is mostly visited by adult divers,
but if kids are curious about diving, it is a resourse that should
be accessable to them. The pictures by Paulette, Kathy and Mike, my
essays, Chris' gear page and diveboat page represent a lot of work
and are all good resourses that should be available and not banned
by the Cyber Nannys. They sure can't go to Rodales.
Hey, all anybody has to do is use a couple of asterists and the
message comes through just fine and there is no problem. We, the
editors of the board, ask members of the BBS community to help
out with this so as to keep this site accessable.
Thanks, seahunt
PS. I posted on another board and it was funny. I used the word
'passable' and a bit later I saw it as 'p***able' a bit later.
Obviously, on over zealous automated program on that website.
PPS. Just me perhaps, but I think a clever insult based on truth is
better than just swearing at people, though I think George's comments
a bit back were real appropriate, even if I removed them.

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