Re: I'll bring you to 16K for a price.

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Posted by mike on April 30, 2002 at 16:19:12:

In Reply to: Re: I'll bring you to 16K for a price. posted by Ken Kurtis on April 26, 2002 at 14:05:05:

Well Ken, of course i think your concerns about Nitrox are frivolous. MHK has pretty well cleaned your clock on that debate in past exchanges. Second, a conviction or principle is based on moral or ethical precepts. A business policy such as your anti-nitrox policy is based on cost vs. benefit analysis. I wouldn't ask you to support communism or speak out against your religon or philosophy for any sum of money....those things are based on deeply held values and as such, should be beyond monetary value. Simple business policies, well those come and go with the legal or market forces that shaped them in the first place. Just between you, me and the fencepost, you'd be selling out for somewhat less than 640, as i was planning on sending a small contribution anyway but making the amount an even 16 grand would've been nice.

As for selfishness, the very fact that i would donate money to the chamber instead of another possibly more worthy cause like UNICEF or the Make a Wish Foundation or Habitat for Humanity is because of enlightened self-interest- a form of selfishness. As one who dives purely for recreation, i have a vested interest in seeing that the chamber remains in operation 'till the day i no longer can dive. I am giving to the chamber becuase in it's own small way, it is a sort of insurance policy should the need ever arise. If i were to give to AIDs research or a homeless shelter, the benefit if any, would be much less tangible if for no other reason than i do not participate in activities that would predispose me to getting aids or becoming homeless. As for holding my donation hostage, well, lets just say i am trying to get more value for value. The chamber is a value, but then so is being able to use my little safety margin of say 32% or 36% EAN on your charters (on air tables, of course). The chamber is not being punished for anything. Were your policy not an issue (really, i am just tired of looking over the GE schedule and having to choose Sport Chalet charters instead of yours), i might have only quietly offered $100.00 one year and not in subsequent years. This is merely an enticement to philosophical consistency and a win-win situation for everyone involved (except the poor schmuck that gets to write the check
Where a philosopical consistency is concerned, we support the chamber in the name of safety, and some of us dive 'trox on air tables in the name of that same exact safety. So how 'bout it? Since i've been so insouciant as to even make such an outrageous offer in the first place, why not punish me by socking it to my pocket book? No, i'm not asking you to offer EANx certs or buy a membrane system..that'd come when the market warrants it. I am simply seeing if you will allow those of us who choose to use EANx as one more conservative safety measure, to use it on your charters. Think of all the extra passengers you'll gain! Think of it as a force multiplier for your fund-raising prowess. Think of it as a force multiplier for diving safety.

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