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Posted by TDI_2 on May 17, 2002 at 08:24:25:

In Reply to: Double Damn, Dang Dude... posted by DougD on May 17, 2002 at 00:01:43:

Death is one of the regular features here on this magnificent BBS of Eddie, Chris, MikeB, & others where we as California divers can come to learn more about it and presumably how to forego and prevent it while scuba diving.

Doug, I appreciated your discussion of the near-death episode where the person was rescued. Most of the other death stories here do in fact end in actual death, so you have given us hope.

It reminds me of the other stories about recent deaths that didnt end as happily, like the lady diver from Scripps, or the buddy pair from Arizona, or Ken's client after the near drowning incident, which still ended in some sort of lung infection and then death apparently, from what I recall over the past couple of years here.

Monsignor Tribes, I am not sure that escourting a diver on a one way trip into the abyss is appropriate in our society. We have regulations and statutes governing death and the lying to rest of the remains after death. I can sympathize with someone not wanting to die in a hospital bed, and therefore choosing to die at home in bed is normally the preferred mode.

There is as yet no provision in American law that condones either (1) escourting a grieving person on a one way deep dive and/or (2) allowing the remains to be carried off into the sea or washed up on some civilian beach.

If a person is a retired or honorably discharged Naval officer or enlisted person, then he or she may choose to be casketed and buried at sea by the Navy and Marines with an honor guard from a ship. But that option is not extended to civilians, at this time, other than by cremation and the scattering of ashes.

Be careful Tribes. You might accidentally break the law and end up in the slammer. Then you wouldnt have access to the internet any longer, and we might miss your GUE harassment of the rest of us. Maybe.

I dont mind your being my adversary, Tribes, and I hope you dont mind my being yours in return. I think you made a bad choice, with your friend, and Providence interceded and saved you.

Regarding your other question about the nature of Providence, Im no expert, so I would instead refer you to a Jewish Temple or to a Catholic or Protestant Church or to a Hindu Shrine or a Muslim Mosque.

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