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Posted by tecdiver on June 03, 2002 at 22:35:50:

In Reply to: Yet, another Nitrox Question posted by Captain Tim on June 03, 2002 at 17:09:51:

Here is my opinion. There are a lot of facts that have not been told in this chain of events. Not knowing all the facts, in general nitrox will not kill you, because by it's definition it is N2 O2 with O2 being >= 22% O2. Different agencies have varying opinions on MOD and PO2. For the sake of argument lets say an accepted PO2 is 1.4 for a resting diver. If the diver has a mix of 32% his MOD is 111fsw. Now say that diver was diving 32% and that diver went to 140fsw, his new PO2 will be 1.7 slightly higher than ANDIS 1.6. This by itself should not kill you or bend you. What transpires next or in this case, what transpires during the bottom time and ascent is where the problem lies. A lot of physical exursion
can cause the PO2 to elevate quite a bit, given to high a PO2 you can seizure (O2 toxicity) It is not good to tempt fate unless you wear a full face mask, ie small joke. Something else Bent or AGE this diver. Without the actual dive profile who can say. I hope this guy is ok and he can figure out what went wrong so it will not happen again.

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