Yet, another Nitrox Question

Outer Bamnks diving on the Great Escape Southern California Live-Aboard Dive Boat

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Posted by Captain Tim on June 03, 2002 at 17:09:51:

I know that many of you will think this is a stupid question, and has been answered many times before, but I put my Kevlar on so I can take the shots.
This is the quick scenario, (this really happened) of a dive accident. We were anchored at Ship Rock in 140' because the wind had not picked up yet, and pushes towards the rock. I told all divers to swim in to the rock and go down when you got to the kelp. Of coarse two divers went straight down under the boat ignoring our continually telling them not to. After X amount of time, they both came to the surface, and one of them pasted out, on the surface. He was bent and bay watch took him the chamber.
Here is the question.
If this diver had been using nitrox on this dive would he have died?
I have been told over and over again, by a storeowner that he would have. I asked this same question to a DIR diver, (not MHK, KR, or JW, you can guess who is left) and he also told me that the diver would have died. But that Nitrox trained divers would not do that, as they are better trained divers.
Now the dilemma. A Nitrox Naui certified instructor told me Sunday, that the diver would most likely not have died, and Nitrox is still saver than air at any level about 132'.
I am talking about 32% and normal diving, with normal conditions, ect.
Shoot away.
Captain Tim Burke
Great Escape Charters

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