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Posted by TDI_2 on July 10, 2002 at 15:39:27:

In Reply to: Beach Training posted by Jim Hoffmann on July 10, 2002 at 12:33:27:

The absence of flexibility is what bothers me the most about PADI's procedures.

It is nice to be able to decide for yourself, based on the demands of your local area, what to teach in your basic open water classes. I dont believe one size fits all, world wide.

Additionally, I would like to see basic scuba students get more than just two days and 4 dives worth of open water scuba training, which PADI on the whole does not allow flexibility for.

The many, many categories of instructor certification levels is what bothers me next about PADI's procedures.

Once you are an instructor, you are an instructor. Quotas and fine distinctions with many steps required to get to Instructor Trainer or Course Director is a bit overblown in PADI's structuring of the Instructor categories.

A viable tech training program, with real tech gasses, like Trimix and pure O2, is something else I would like to see in a certifying agency's structure, which PADI currently does not have.

Divers who develop an interest in shipwrecks, ice diving, caverns or caves are better served when training programs are available for those activities, and PADI does not have them, choosing instead to focus on the more popular shallow water resort warm water diving to cater to the masses.

Tech probably does not matter to most people. Nitrox is the main thing that does, and both PADI and NAUI are more than good at nitrox.

Having said all that, I gained a lot from PADI's D/M training, which is very strict and procedural, and which I intend to implement into my NAUI teaching in some measure.

Even though imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I dont tend to imitate everything about PADI, just the good stuff, like their 5-step entry and exit procedures, and 5-step buddy checks, and 10-step site surveys.

Scuba diving is better today because of both NAUI and PADI. I have seen experienced PADI instructors and experienced NAUI instructors, and theyre both extremely good divers and educators. And I have seen a few instructors who are both NAUI and PADI. To be both seems like an awful hit on annual dues.

Having said that, I prefer the way NAUI does things in general. And I love the flexibility inherent in NAUI's standards and policies.

PADI's standardization is probably an inherent strength for them in the area of resort referals. Other than that single aspect of dive travel, I dont feel there is a need for strict conformity in dive training, the way PADI requires it.

Some of the people that I respect the most are owners of PADI stores. I wont prejudge their affiliation choices. Some of them were even NAUI instructors before crossing over. To each his/her own, I suppose.

NAUI - Not Another Underwater Idiot
PADI - Put Another Dollar In

So be it.

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