You say I am not a Rocket Scientist?

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Posted by Wayne on August 22, 2002 at 09:48:41:

In Reply to: remedial thermodynamics posted by TDI_2 on August 21, 2002 at 14:31:01:

Maybe we should have a definition or two here so I know what you consider a rocket scientist to be.

I have worked as an engineer and manager designing and correcting stuff on a few programs you might have heard of. Space Shuttle, Space Station, DCX, Expendable Launch Vehicles (ELV) such as teh MDAC/BOEING Delta II, III, and newest member of the fleet Delta IV, GD and Lockheed Martin ELVs such as the Titan and it kindred vehicles, Payloads from communication to interplanitary exploration. My kids think I am a rocket scientist because I work in the science of making rockets that send stuff in space, so I guess it is a matter of definition or perspective.

You did not pick on my alma matter, 'cause you do not know where I went to school. But I know a bit about the schools you defamed. I was part of a team that worked on a project with Stanford. I gotta tell you that the place is turning out good, clever, capable graduates. The school of engineering is well organized and seemed to be a hard school to do well in. The standards were very high and the caliber of the students and grad students was top notch. I work with lots of universities around the country, and even a few in Europe and Asia, and Stanford is a school to be proud of. I do not know as much about USC. So far I have not direct dealings with the school. I have worked with several engineers and scientists from USC and I have never been disapointed with their scholastic preparation for the work.


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