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Posted by Paul Gamache on September 14, 2002 at 20:43:46:

In Reply to: Re:I don't understand posted by Steve on September 07, 2002 at 12:53:58:

" Some divers seem to prefer this method for some things they can do better without the drag of a BC."
My diving off the Peace boat(great boat) has given me opportunity to observe more than a few of the supposed expert backpack divers. Almost all, if not all, could drastically improve their efficiency with proper trim and improved propulsion techniques. These divers have so much to gain in bottom time and so much drag to reduce via reworking their methods and kit that your argument regarding reduced drag diving without a BC is heinous and an insult to the intelligence of the modern diver.
Ever swim laps in a pool alongside others who do this on a regular basis? One can easily spot the cowboys who do manage to move at a respectable speed, but look like (and feel?) like they are moving much better than they actually are. One lane over is a 55 year old person who, although swimming for 40 years, has always been open to new information. She glides through the water with seemingly effortless momentum, matching or surpassing El Toro's pace with 30 percent fewer strokes.
In case you miss the analogy, proper configuration is the key to efficiency, proficiency, and safety. Minimalism is an important part of the equation, but backpacking is irresponsible at best. To soapbox your arrogance on a public forum is condemnable.

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