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Posted by tleemay on October 02, 2002 at 15:56:16:

In Reply to: Yer getting serious... posted by seahunt on October 02, 2002 at 15:35:18:

I have a lot of recipes for lobster, from way rich
and fattening to downright healthy (sic) and

Cajun spices in the chippino, sure. Add in some
green bell pepper, some par boiled sliced okra
(de-slimed) and serve it with a side of rice and
ya gots supthun Arcadian fo shure.

Gratin on the exposed portion of the tail would
keep it from drying out - that's a good idea. I tried some of Curt's stuff before on the boat and
he's good. Have you ever had one grilled inside a
yeast dough well seasoned with Old Bay's? Hot and steamy with the thick sweet smell of bug inside
while being crusty and fresh bread-like on the
outside. The perfect bug in a bun! Yous serve this
one with a mild spicy mustard/mayo/butter sauce or
cocktail/horseradish sauce on the side for dipping

I'm not sure about the deckhand/beer/mw bug thing
though. I will have to try it with a lobster
that's expendable... if you know what I mean (and
if that's possible).

Won't be on the boat this weekend, I've got some
business in the Middle East to attend to.

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