Good grief.

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Posted by CalDiver on October 08, 2002 at 16:37:15:

In Reply to: Re: Criminal Aspects posted by RandySM on October 08, 2002 at 15:56:26:

I'm not taking the sex war bait you're holding out, nice try! I try to get along with the boys. Well, mostly. ;)

And nope, not a brilliant handle; I'm just trying to clear up who's who. I'd already asked nicely a couple times, both to the original fake e-mail addresses (bounced) and to the board, that we post REAL e-mails next to our names, so people not confuse us. I didn't try to stop the other poster from using CalDiver. (Uh, nor did I, uh, "cry". Well, alone, late at night, maybe. Wah.)

That's when the posts with Bizarro CalDiver, using my own e-mail address popped up. I thought they were kind of funny, actually, except for the one that told Harvey I was diving with him, as that's lame if he was really looking for a buddy.

Anyway, if it was an accidental confusion, or if someone really uses that handle somewhere else, the message got through, no problem -- just use a real e-mail. If someone was trying to be funny, well, it was, to a point. If someone wants to be a jackass, good job and congratulations!

(earlier post:)
Hey just to clear things up, there appear to be two CalDivers posting. I think this happened before. Please check e-mail addresses before responding to be sure you've got the right one. I always post my e-mail address, but with a NOSPAM addition.

To furhter clarify, I'm an instructor at Dive N Surf and a lawyer in my spare time. Don't know the other one, but as it looks to be a guy, this could get confusing. ;)

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