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Posted by MHK on October 11, 2002 at 12:18:31:

In Reply to: msblucow posted by Chris on October 10, 2002 at 17:48:10:


You wrote:

Please keep your petty fights with MHK elsewhere and do not advertise them here. Your doing so only puts you deeper into the trap he set for you!

Chris, you do a disservice to me, and the rest of your board, by suggesting that when Seahunt sent John an unsoliciated, private e-mail in response to a post that Marta made to a list that I don't follow, that somehow or another that is a trap that I set for him..

Chris you may chhose to enable one of your fellow editor's, but it's shameful that you are trying to suggest that I'm in any way, shape or form associated with Seahunt's misguided actions.

What he wrote was disturbing to say the least, and I e-mailed you privately suggesting that you shoudl show some leadership and seek his resignation, and you responded by saying that you wanted to stay out of * my and Seahunt's petty squabbles*

I guess you missed the point as well.. This has NOTHING to do with me, despite your and Seahunt's efforts to focus the attention on me...

This is all about one of your editor's threatening to slap a woman, calling her very pathetic things and no matter how hard you two try to make this about me, it isn't.

So please stop using my name because I don't enjoy posting to your list, and I believe I've made 2 posts in about a year here so we both agree that we want nothing to do with each other, so stop trying to scapegoat me for your editors disturbing comments.


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