Actually, here is some data that might help...

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Posted by Ed on November 01, 2002 at 15:09:25:

In Reply to: good to see you get in the game posted by finfan on November 01, 2002 at 13:36:40:

Look at some of the articicial reefs (rock quarry, etc). Looking at at least some of them (such as Dulah) seem to be offering a "safe haven" of some sort to LOTS of life.

I have my own theory of why this is, and it may or may not be 100% valid. Although simplistic, I think it is partially true though.

The artifical reef provides a lot of THICK kelp growth, which allows for a lot of 3-D hiding places.... Furthermore, the area is not easily accessible. Because of the thick kelp, most boats fish the edges of the kelp, but are hesitant to fish inside the thick perimiter. Furthermore, as far as spear-fishing goes, there is just TOO MUCH ground, and too many hiding places, etc. It keeps the commercial guys out, because you are GUARRANTEED a NASTY snag, and using nets is also out of the question.

In general, based on previous "wildlife" research done by many, it is commonly accepted that

Habitat + Food = Healthy Population.

Ironically, in this case, "food" is also closely tied into the habitat. That is, providing proper habitat, and plenty of it will yield more "food", thus helping the population.

I agree that something should be done. I also agree that limiting the take is a crucial step.

However, where I DO have a problem with is allowing the commercial guys to WIPE THE REEFS CLEAN, all in the name of "conservation", with "feel-good-lets-fool-the-public-and-rape-the-ocean-and-make-a-buck" kind of laws, being empowered partially by well-intentioned people whom are fooled into thinking that this is done for the good of the envrionment, resources, and the public.

I know it's not directly relavant, but it's worth mentioning..... Look at another form of wildlife.... The "wild boar". On public lands, due to lack of proper habitat (not enough food/water/shelter), the population is VERY scarce. More than 98% of the wild boars in California are taken on private lands where THERE IS good habitat.... Of course, the ranchers are ALWAYS complaining that the boars multiply like RATS, and are OVERLY abundant, even though they are heavily hunted year round. Yet, the neighboring public land (without proper habitat) are most often "void" of them. Again, I am not making a direct comparison, but noting the importance of habitat to species that are better studied.

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