Re: My thoughts about closing MPLAs to divers....

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Posted by Steve on November 01, 2002 at 22:45:08:

In Reply to: My thoughts about closing MPLAs to divers.... posted by msblucow on November 01, 2002 at 20:02:08:

"Dive boat operations could potentially be effected if divers become turned off because they are banned from the MPLA's."

I disagree. Divers could also get turn off knowing that boat loads of divers are trampling on the seed potatoes in total disregard to those mostly effected by this situation. The DFG is putting most of our eggs into this basket in hopes that the MLPA'a will work to replenish California waters with a sustainable fish supply source. Divers will have an adverse effect on accomplishing that goal. So knowing that and still going there won't feel good to anyone who really cares about the situation.

"But most importantly, banning divers from the MPLA's would definately have a negative impact on education."

I believe the exact opposite.

"No one else will be in the position we will be to know if this grand experiment will succeed or fail."

You will know it's working by seeing more fish outside the MLPA. I'm sure the DFG will have experts to monitor the process.

"And no one else will have the same credibility we do to say we've seen it with our own eyes. As divers, photographers, videographers and storytellers we have the power to share our experience with others, to help them appreciate how connected we all are to the sea."

That's part of the problem. We are too close and too connected. We need to give the animals there space. Most of your comments about buoyancy and hands off appraoch are great and we need to instill that throughout the non-MLPA's as this should now be our area to oversee.

"It's up to us to teach the next generation. This is our chance to a part of something wonderful."

If you want to do something wonderful and teach the next generation then stay out of the MLPA's so that it will be there for them and start caring for the rest. YMMV

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