titanium knifeblade for diving

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Posted by yorkzon hou on November 09, 2002 at 00:54:54:

Dear sir/madam:
It is very nice to find you as our potential customer! We are OEM manufacturer for titanium blade--- process titanium blade and knife,shaft,barb,and other titanium products for diving, The blade or knife is made by titanium alloy material ,It is never stainless in sea water, and it is nonmagnetic and light very much. The hardness HRC45-50.It is titanium alloy material, it is very light.
About Beta titanium blades:Not off-the-shelf,premixed beta alloy, Titan’s titanium is custom-formulated to give you a harder,long lasting edgs.Blades made of the more common alpha beta alloy are generally softer and less likelier to resist dulling.Titan beta titanium blades strength required for cutting.To give you hair-shaving, microscopically-sharp,cutting serrations,we custom grind each blade.Custom-Formulated Beta titanium blades essentially combine superior hardness with razor-sharp cutting,the double feature which knives made of the common alpha beta alloy, or off-the-shelf beta titanium cannot offer.The high abrasion resistant,stay-sharp beta titanium edge moreover is rust free,a guarantee high carbon stainless stell knives cannot make.These award-wining blades stay sharper many time more than the laeding beta titanium knives.
Because Titanium and its alloys have proven to be cost-effective and technically superior materials of constructions for a wide variety of aircraft, marine, industrial and commercial applications. Although it has been mainly used in the Aerospace industry (abt 70%), there is a fast increasing body of new applications. Titanium's high strength to weight ratio, coupled with exemplary reliability attributable to excellent corrosion resistance, often makes Titanium a superior alternative to steel and aluminium alloys.
Titanium holds the following characteristics and properties important to design engineers in many industries:
Excellent Corrosion Resistance - immune to salt water attack as well as exceptional resistance to a and coppernickel.
Superior Erosion Resistance - to cavitation, impingement attack as well as erosion. At least twenty times more erosion resistant than coppernickel alloys.
Superior Strength-to-Weight Ratios - the combination of high strength and low density results in wide range of acids, alkalis, industrial chemicals and natural waters.
High Heat Transfer Efficiency - when in use, similar heat transfer properties to admiralty brass exceptional strength-to-weight ratios for titanium based alloys which are superior to almost all other metals.
Maybe remembering me in your supplier list is necessary for meeting your possible instant demand.
Hope to have a chance to establish business relationship with you now or in future!
Best regards!
Yorkzon Hou

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