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Posted by seahunt on December 16, 2002 at 09:07:13:

In Reply to: Another great story with pictures~ posted by Brad on December 15, 2002 at 18:29:40:

  • Rough Water Diving

  • Yah, it was fun.
    You guys are likely to be better at fish ID than me. I know my invertebrates, but if they have a backbone, I'm not as sure. Kelp Rockfish it is. Thanks.
    It is not a reserve , but is generally not hunted. A few hunters could clean out all but the lobsters in a few dives. While Point Loma is a big reef area, a lot of it has no cover and so is not near as lush with life as this area.
    When you get around to scuba, you should check out the wrecks, La Jolla and the Point Loma Sea Cliffs. Heck, it wouldn't be all that far for you, now would it.
    I don't know how much you have checked out my site, but in amoungst it all are a few essays I thought you should read. One is on how to freedive. I know you know how just fine, but this might be a new thought on breathing.
    Here's one links for you about some freediving there in San Diego... and elsewhere. You should get a laugh.
    Tidepools I have known
    and this link is about some other places I bet you've been.
    Diving the Frontside
    Enjoy the diving, seahunt
    Oh, how about that camera... That's another story. I have a Sea and Sea. Probably total crappola, but that's not known for sure. I bought it for a trip to Belize. I have gotten some good pics and one is even in Rodales ScubaDiving Jan. 2000. Dang, but still I get so few good ones. There is a built in closeup lens in my camera with a one foot focal length. It's great. Macros are a natural where I like to go and I hardly need to mess with the camera. I've taken hundreds of pictures. At the Oil Rigs, Begg Rock, heck, everywhere in California. I've gotten some good pictures, but really, my closeups are just not anything like the beautiful Macro shots I see on the boards all the time. Well, I was Ruby E a bit on this same trip. It's beautiful and covered with every color Corynactis imaginable. I had a new framer/distance tingy for the one foot range. Awesome diving at the Ruby and in the Kelp. 84 pictures, most of them macro. Still crummy. So I looked at the fore ground, midground and background of the picture. Nothing is in perfect focus. Something should be in focus, but nothing is. ....... It's the camera. Not me. ..... Now lets see how well it will work with my other closeup lens. This summer I am getting to the rigs and if I am properly armed with a working camera, I'm gonna get some great shots and certainly better than I have on my site just now. :)

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