Did you see the small mention of Terry Taminen?

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Posted by Wayne on November 23, 2003 at 09:48:07:

In Reply to: News: Governor appoints Chrisman as Director of F&G posted by Chris on November 22, 2003 at 12:21:08:

I was caught by the article mentioning the Cal-EPA appointment:

"Chrisman is more palatable to Republicans than Schwarzenegger's choice to run Cal-EPA, Terry Tamminen."

I first met Terry around ten years ago when he personaly provided support for one of my daughter's science fair projects. Terry, through the Santa Monica Baykeeper, performed the water assays on the samples collected by my daughter from various ocean and harbor locations just before and just after rains. His love for the ocean environment is clear and his depth of knowledge of the chemistry and processes at work were very impressive.

The reason that business is worried is that for many years he would bring lawsuits against companies that ignored the laws. His operation would track down pollutants to their source and then he would sue them to get the pollutants cleaned up. I am sure some businesses went under because of the lawsuits -- that certainly stopped their toxic releases. Others figured out quickly that they could lose it all by trying to sneak pollutants into storm drains and sewage systems. Even governments were nailed when they got caught breaking the environmental laws.

I believe that his actions made a huge dent in the plating industry here in Southern California. They suddenly feared doing illegal things that they used to just do at night. Unlike crazy whackos who just whine, protest, and chant, Terry used hard work, science, and the civil laws to force corporate and government compliance with the rules.

Nice to see that a man who cannot be bought, with true understanding of the problem, and committment to the environment is at the helm.

Way to go Governator!


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