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Posted by Mojo Mike on December 01, 2003 at 03:30:51:

In Reply to: Re: Apeks US4 ??? posted by Tribes on November 29, 2003 at 10:01:07:

I will continue to save my pennies. Or resort to kissing my wife's feet till Christmas time. Maybe I will get lucky ;-) I have longed for a Scubapro Mk 25 for awhile now. I have a hard time justifing new scuba toys. If I got one. It would replace my primary 1st stage.

Biggest problem is that the LDS. That is a Scubapro dealer. I would not trust to walk my dog across the street. Will have to wait till my next trip to Monterey.

I sometimes read British diver internet sites. Their opinion of most regulators. That is not Apeks is obviously bias. They are not to down on Scubapro. Aqualung is critized pretty often. Poseidon gets really bashed. I wonder how Apeks (British made) and now I guess newly owned by Aqualung (French) will rate among British fans in the future. Reminds me of when AMF bought out Harley Davidson motorcycles. People who were loyal followers of Harleys. Suffered during those years. I wonder how Scubapro fans would react. If Scubapro sold out to Japan and moved their manufacturing plants to China.

I am a Poseidon fan. Although their unique design may not be to every one's taste. I love them for deep dives. I like the Conshelf design. If that is what I buy. I would go Aqualung and not a copy. My Scubapro regulators are old and I mean really old. I would guess around 30 years. There is my justification to buy a Scubapro MK25. Still comes down to the almighty dollar. I wonder if my wife would like her feet massaged.

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