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Posted by seahunt on December 16, 2003 at 09:12:44:

In Reply to: How to stop illegal game taking posted by Captain Tim Burke on December 15, 2003 at 18:13:24:

Here's a couple thoughts.
First, what is the problem? Second is what to do about it.
Really, what is the problem? Seeing someone take an abalone from Catalina is a crying shame for anyone who remembers them and have seen their decline. Seeing some one shoot a garibaldi is more a matter of stupidity. The kind of stupidity that is scary because if it could explode, it would probably lay waste to the entire state of California. Seeing people waste game they take is another thing and very sad.
Things are relative though. We are going to judge things and be bothered by things depending on their percieved importance and these days we know that every remaining abalone is important.... gads... still babbling.... So how about a couple possibilities.
How about on the waiver that everyone signs you add a section called Environmental and make people sign and read it like other safety stuff. Cost would be minor and it would be education in action, right there on paper. I already hate waivers. THis shouldn't make it any worse and some people would like it there (like when they check my ID with my Credit Card). You would only have to specifically mention a few things. Lets see.
Respect For The Environment Section
All divers are expected to respect the beautiful diving they are privelaged to enjoy. Try to leave it the way you found it.
All divers taking game are expected to know the DF&G laws regarding the legal harvesting of any game they plan to take. Please put the allowed limit of what you plan to take on the line next to the game you plan to take. Put 0 if you plan to not harvest them at all. I plan to take ____ lobster, ____ scallops, ____ fish, ____ abalone on this trip.
Please do not take any game other than what you have listed.
Please circle one.
1. Lobster season is presently Open/Closed?
2. Abalone season is Open/Closed?
3. Rockfish season is Open/Closed?

Please do not take any abalone or spear any bright orange fish, under any circumstances or you will be breaking the law. (initial)_________
So how about something like that. It would work by education, be cheap, not too annoying and is fairly simple. It's also a better idea than trying to do it during the pre-dive talk.
Or put up a plaque with a red, pink and green ab shell on it with large letters saying, Endangered And Illegal, So Please Don't Touch. That's education. Heck, glue on a plastic orange fish and who's gonna notice the difference? There are ab shells on the Truth gally walls, but I think they are mostly meant as decorations these days.
Then when it still fails as it sometimes will, remember that against stupidity, the Gods themselves, contend in vain. Then go diving and all will be well.
Enjoy the diving, seahunt

If you open a rock habitat while hunting, put it back together

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