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Posted by Brad on January 27, 2004 at 18:49:35:

In Reply to: Re: MPA's Pro within reason posted by Melvin on January 27, 2004 at 09:29:34:

i have yet to hear an argument against the reserves that wasn't based entirely on self interest. It is absolutely essential that we establish no-take areas around the islands. The life in these waters don't belong to us, only..

At some point in time this discussion needs to breach the subject of (pragmatic) altruism as it applies to a shared and ever dwindling resource. Our generation has seen the biggest and the best these waters will ever have to offer, it is only fair that WE accept these measures on behalf of those who do not yet have a voice in the world in which they will live. Is there any doubt in your mind that those who come after us will yearn to see the beauty and abundence that we once knew?

When the bonito were wiped out by the seiners in the mid 80's, all the boats went to Catalina and fished cut bait and anchovies on the bottom. By the mid 90's that island's resident species [cabazon, mature sheephead, mature calico bass, shallow water rockfish---(treefish, blue,kelp,olive,grass) whitefish, zebra perch, halibut,etc were severely overfished. To this day there are virtually no old fish at the island! Only a few of the once abundant species are beginning to show signs of recovery and unfortunately, that is not due to the diligence of the dfg, but rather it is due to a shift in recreational angling pressure. The dfg is a decade late with their timely notice of closures for particular species.

The hype in the 90's was geared toward the WSB, yellowtail and tunas and the island's resident species benefited from the reduction in pressure. Still there is nothing in the regulations that would prevent another serial depletion of the resident species at Catalina should the more desirable species become scarce.

If the reserves at the CI had not been put into place, it would only be a matter of time before those islands were reduced to the sad state that Catalina has been in for the last 20 years..

Protect that which you value!

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