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Posted by JIM HOFFMANN on March 04, 2004 at 18:37:34:

In Reply to: Jim, you are way off base here posted by msblucow on March 03, 2004 at 17:58:54:

Marta you are one of the very few genuine people on this board. You stand up for what you believe in and you are willing to take the heat for your opinion. Iím taking some heat right now for exposing what I think is a scam by the dive manufactures, Billy and Ken. I donít believe that there motives are what they stated, I believe that there only motive is greed.
Itís really funny to read above, about our new diving saints, Saint Billy, Saint Ken, and lets not forget Saint Mike. All three have done good works (I just question the reason, why they did the good works) but good works are good works I guess.
Chamber Day is bigger then Billy, Ken, and Mike. Some of us have been supporting chamber day long before our new saints were around (and we have given of our time and treasure). We did not want anything in return (no props, no special rewards). We did it because it was a good cause and good for the our community.
Any way Marta I may be Old, a Whiner, jealous (of Billy, Ken, and Mike thatís really funny), mean spirited and bitter(a user of suckpuppets), but I know when someone is screwing me over and that is what is happening with this manufactures swap meet.
The only good thing is that Iím going on vacation next week (to Newfoundland to see the Harp seals, should get some great pics, Iím not going to club them) so I will not have to read how jealous and old Iím.


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