Re: What happened to a reasonable trip to Catalina?

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Posted by Fair on April 04, 2004 at 21:33:30:

In Reply to: Re: What happened to a reasonable trip to Catalina? posted by Elaine on April 04, 2004 at 17:23:48:

I don't think that there is one local boat that is trying to rip anyone off. They are a business & most businesses are there to make a profit. You cannot fault anyone for that.
I also believe that every operation around truly does their best to take care of their clients to the best of their ability.
Let me ask, is the company you work for in business to make a profit? Do you go to work for how ever many days a week to get a paycheck (= profit for you). Do you want to get paid for your services based off 2 year old salary data? Heck no you don't.
They must make it worth the time & effort put in to continue & let me tell you, running a commercial boat business is 1000 times more work than running a pleasure boat (& I'm sure you've heard all the cliches of a pleasure boat etc.) - commercial is worse.
Consider one (only one) cost that I KNOW for a fact you can relate to.
Local fuel prices have increased around 60% to 70% within the last two years alone, & these boats do not get you 15 to 25 mile a gallon fuel economy of your typical car/truck/SUV.
These boats carry hundreds & even THOUSANDS of gallons of fuel! Your typical twin engine boat burns about 15 to 25 gallons of fuel PER HOUR @ your typical 10 to 15 knots speed. (My numbers may be off a bit but I'm close).
Consider this... Your average vehicle burns 3.47 gallons per hour. This is considering 65 mph, 375 miles to a tank w/ a 20 gallon fuel tank.
Wanna trade fuel bills with one of them??

Try also telling the operation that you were less than satisfied with something. They may not even know it was a problem or they might attempt to make it right to keep you as a repeat customer. Let them know that the rolls were crappy, they might try another brand.

No Feedback = No Changes (be constructive not whinny)

Without the commercial operations you'd be stuck looking at Catalina & San Clemente from Laguna Beach on a clear afternoon...dreaming of getting there.
Prices for local dive boats (like every other business) are set to a profit level of what the market will handle.

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