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Posted by Doug Williams on April 30, 2004 at 14:36:04:

In Reply to: Re: CG chimes in with recommendations posted by Walt on April 30, 2004 at 12:43:17:

If the DM was competent (sp) it would have the incident would have ended at the oil rig...

Perhaps the entire incident would not have happend if the diver would have considered his quailfications before jumping off of the boat.

I just hate that RESPONSIBILITY word.....

There is big difference between LIABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY.

Unfortunately, it according to the CG it looks like Ray is going to screwed because once again someone can't step up and say I'm the RESPONSIBLE party, I'm the one who made the decsion's, I'm RESPONSIBLE for my actions.

In this case that's diver. I don't know this guy but from what I've read and seen on television this guy was over his head on this dive and should have not been in the water in ther first place.

If he (the diver) would have made a RESPONSIBLE decsion in the first place we would all be be monday morning quarterbacking some other thing that happened over the weekend. If he (the diver) stepped up and did the RESPONSIBLE thing said I may be the root cause of this problem maybe then he and we would all learn something from this.

In the mean time, what the hell, let's just all sit back and watch as the true victim in all this gets the shaft (RAY) and watch as one of the best dive boats in SoCal goes under because someone could not be RESPONSIBLE for their own actions.

The DM that's a whole different story. This guy screwed up there is no excuse for what he did.

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